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Mar 3, 2012
Mar 15, 2009
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Mar 3, 2012
    1. supertek65
      Seaton, it is much easier over here!
      The guys are nice and there are not a crap of know it alls!
      I like it here!
    2. seatonsheating
      Pissed off for a bit. Figured I'd resurface somewhere.
    3. R22forbreakfast
      Hey Frankster!
    4. Bubblehead
      FRANKIE! WHere ya been.... (I know).... The number James gave me... cell or home?
    5. Bubblehead
      yes I am. so therefore I assume (yes I know what that means....) that you are YOUNG! :D
    6. Bubblehead
      Yeah my head fit.... but barely! Gotta watch I dont crack the glass!
    7. supertek65
      I am a bigger nobody than you! lol
    8. oroy54
      Yeah old bud. Keep on watching. It may take a while. Abby, abs, Andy Shoen and there is another guy that will help me with this project. I wish they would fire me now. I really don't want to do the project. But then I do. The key is having a good wife. Stay in touch, I like the way you think. I really am a nobody. So don't beat me up if I say something wrong. Roy
    9. oroy54
      Hey old bud, I am trying to quit working at the plant. But they want me to stay longer than June 30. They want me to follow this ethelyene recovery porjest. I do cryogenics. If you like this type of stuff, The smart guys are Abby, abs, oops maybe me. Or Andy Shoen. Stay in touch. To be fair, I know a lot of these guys. I am just me.
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