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10 ton danfoss compressor failure

Discussion in 'Commercial' started by jamesyarbrough, Oct 9, 2017.

  1. iceout70

    iceout70 New Member

    Did you ask the installer if he put his gauges on and checked rotation. Or did he braze it pull a vacuum add refer hit the switch and run?

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  2. Rather B Riding

    Rather B Riding Behind bars

    Running backwards is just an assumption. It's a good guess I'll give him that but you don't know what killed the first one. It could be a oil return problem or a number of other things that took it out. This is a good example of why you check pressures, amp loads, and make sure everything is right before you call it done. Scrolls don't always sound that bad when they're running backwards. I've had at least a few I thought were running properly till I looked a the gagues.
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  3. jamesyarbrough

    jamesyarbrough Amateur Gynecologist

    Denison TX
    Yep gotta cover your ass