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422d retrofeit

Discussion in 'Commercial' started by pintofstout, Jun 5, 2017.

  1. crackertech

    crackertech assholiness *


    That and DuPonts Patton was running out
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  2. LemonWizard

    LemonWizard Blinky Lights Wizard

    Depends on if you believe in chemistry or no, not everyone does.
  3. pintofstout

    pintofstout New Member

    Olean, NY
    Have you been changing oil? I have low temp systems that also need to be converted over.

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  4. mike1020

    mike1020 entitled millennial

    on the roof of target
    No they still have alkylbenzene oil in them
  5. flange

    flange Act like you care and do SOMETHING!!

    IMT--in my truck
    on the topic of environmental, lets just say there was a time right before all of this stuff started......We did A LOT of work at Dupont facilities all over Delaware. We used to drink beer with many of the upper eschelon of the company at lunch, daily. In their words......" if they think this r12 and r22 stuff is bad, wait until they find out about the new refrigerants coming down the pipeline". Flat out, the patents were ending, lobbying was king and they won the battles in the trenches.

    As far as climate change......yup, it changes all of the time. I can remember it being much hotter in summer when I was a kid, but whatever. The whole refrigerant mess is good for business. Who am I to fight the trend when no one else wants to listen?