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chiller 30GX

Discussion in 'Commercial' started by servicetrane, Nov 27, 2017.

  1. servicetrane

    servicetrane New Member

    Hello boys :

    I have had problems with an alarm in a 30GX080 chiller !!

    press the T055 larma indicating ground fault, and check the entire panel will someone know something about it? how to correct the fault

  2. pintofstout

    pintofstout New Member

    Olean, NY
    Hmmmm. Maybe there's a ground fault. Buuut that's a wild guess....

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  3. Tap

    Tap i hate it when a velociraptor throws poop at me

    I don't remember is this a compressor ground fault? if so did you meg out the compressors? Check wiring etc?