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First Company air handler issues

Discussion in 'Residential' started by kena, Oct 13, 2017.

  1. kena

    kena New Member

    Anyone install these things? I have 3 of them, all hydro air (30HBXB-HW). 2 of them use a Honeywell zone duct board, and one is stand alone.

    I get the air conditioning to work no problem. And I get the heat to work no problem. However... the way I have it wired... when I turn off heat, the Taco zone board says that thermostat is still calling. It's not....

    I tried a different zone board and I get the same thing. I have tried allot of combinations of wiring for the heat side of things. The install instructions are simple... but something is wrong.

    Wiring at the air handler:

    AH Green - Therm Green
    AH Brown - Therm Blue (brown is common)
    AH White - Therm White
    Ah Red - Therm Red... not sure of this because I have red for R and I use orange for RC

    For AC, I hook my two wire to the condenser from the common (brown) and the yellow from the therm.
    Works fine.

    For Heat, I hook white from ah to white from therm. The two wire to the zone board is using white, and I was using red.... however, white is actually part of the blower fan cycle. So the fan never shuts off. So I pulled it off the red wire from the AH. So it's just red from the therm to one wire, and the other wire to the AH white and the therm white. I have tried several combinations, but nothing will tell the zone boards the thermostat is no longer calling. I'm lost... I heard First Company have some odd things you have to deal with...