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Long Distance Information Give me Memphis Tennessee..... I need some heat

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by SmallChange, Dec 30, 2017.

  1. SmallChange

    SmallChange This Space for Rent

    I said were goin to Memphis.....

    Georgia man drives to America home Shield to get heating fixed


    MEMPHIS, Tenn. —A Georgia man drives all the way to Memphis hoping to get some help getting his heat turned back on.

    "It seems to be everyone is pointing fingers at someone else," David McCutcheon said.

    McCutcheon drove six and a half hours from Georgia to America Home Shield headquarters here in Memphis.

    "Plan was get in the car and go. I got both the kids and my daughter we were going to walk in the door and try to get someone to listen to us," McCutcheon said.

    With his 1-year and 4-year-old grandsons bundled up, they hit the highway.

    This grandpa says his heating system went out in October and hasn’t been able to get it fix since.

    McCutcheon says twice workers have tried to install the wrong piece of equipment.

    "While they are doing nothing wrong I'm sitting in a cold house we've gone through Thanksgiving and now we are sitting at Christmas," McCutcheon said.

    Mccutcheon filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and got this response claiming--he'd have a new system up and running by the end of December
    as this fed up customer found--that too may have been just another empty promise.

    "I just think they are avoiding it. Just avoiding doing the right thing the right way. I am not asking them to give me anything beyond what I am due but I do want what I am due," McCutcheon said.

    WREG called to get answers but never heard back from the company.

    McCutcheon says his visit did get him an apology from American Home Shield.

    They also said a new supplier would come out and take a look at the problem the day after Christmas.

    McCutcheon says he purchased the full warranty to avoid issues if anything were to arise with his system.

    He says he simply wants the correct system up and running as soon as possible

    This customer isn't the first person to complain about the American home shield and their policies.

    In fact, the company has a B rating on the Better Business Bureau's website and there are hundreds of complaints all alleging similar things and numerous complaints about the company failing to respond and resolve issues in a timely manner.

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  2. mike1020

    mike1020 entitled millennial

    on the roof of target
    Chuck Larry and Daryl gonna be slamming in a new goodman with a cardboard and foil tape plenum
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  3. Zman

    Zman Hanging by a Thread

    The "I know a Guy" State
    All that time and money He spent driving to Memphis,could of been used to get the Heat fixed by a reputable Comfort Company. You get what you pay for!
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  4. Catpower

    Catpower The Crowd Pleaser

    in the Cabana
    Too bad he didn't go postal on the American Home Shields pres and BOD

    They are the sorriest pieces of shit I have ever seen, well maybe not the sorriest but damn close to it

    They sure as hell wouldn't buy one of my wire nuts
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  5. Zman

    Zman Hanging by a Thread

    The "I know a Guy" State
    They couldn't afford one nut!
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  6. Chuck

    Chuck SSP

    Not even a little orange one
  7. Zman

    Zman Hanging by a Thread

    The "I know a Guy" State
    Maybe one of those little tiny gray ones that come in the box with a thermostat.
  8. LemonWizard

    LemonWizard Blinky Lights Wizard

    What kind of name is American Home Shields???? It sounds like they'd sell hail guards for your house or something.
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  9. frozensolid

    frozensolid Psychologist's Dream

    Maybe it’s a disease...he has a bad case of American Home Shields.
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  10. NZ All Blacks Fan

    NZ All Blacks Fan Just Another swinging Dick

    West Coast - Canada
    a good marketing name - sounds strong safe honest integrity the peoples company sounds all patriotic etc

    just another insurance company out to **** people out of money and not deliver what they promise using weasel words/tactics etc using the legal system to maintain profits - banks have the biggest buildings insurance companies have the 2nd biggest