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Opinions: APPION Valve Core Temoval Tool

Discussion in 'Tools and Test Equip' started by Raymond Moreno Jr, Oct 11, 2017.

  1. Raymond Moreno Jr

    Raymond Moreno Jr New Member

    If you only had one VCRT, which line would you place it on to be most effecient/effective for pulling a vacuum...vapor or liquid?
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  2. MOFO the psychic gorilla

    MOFO the psychic gorilla sitting on two achers

    The connection closest to the compressor
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  3. zamoramax

    zamoramax New Member

    I have 3 sets. They work just as advertised just as all appion does. Solid line up. If you find better let me know. Haven't had it where I only had the option of 1 port but I guess vapor...

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