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Reversing valve tried whipping me

Discussion in 'Residential' started by Swampfox, May 31, 2017.

  1. Swampfox

    Swampfox red tagged

    Hell Hole Swamp
    put it in and it was stuck in heating mode :banghead:

    took top off, checked coil and everything, tap tap tap....nothing

    disabled indoor fan and let it run so the head pressure would build.....


    about 375 it finally decided to shift, whole unit shook

    cooling fine now
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  2. jpb2

    jpb2 Dog Tard *

    within the bounds of reality
    Just needed persuasion :)
  3. Zman

    Zman Hanging by a Thread

    The "I know a Guy" State
    If it was a water cooled H.P.,could I close off the water supply valves to raise the Head Pressure? I had a similar problem with one of them a few weeks back!
  4. NZ All Blacks Fan

    NZ All Blacks Fan Just Another swinging Dick

    West Coast - Canada
    in cooling yes heating - disconnect the indoor fan assuming its energised for cooling and is stuck in heating, if its stuck in cooling and you want heating then yes
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