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Snake Season

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by oroy54, Jun 10, 2017.

  1. frozensolid

    frozensolid Psychologist's Dream

    I thought this was gonna be a political thread about Congress being in session. :)
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  2. LemonWizard

    LemonWizard Blinky Lights Wizard

    I don't run into snakes to often. If I had to be in snake territory I'd probably weld a machete on 10' of 1" rigid conduit. F*** snakes
  3. Catpower

    Catpower The Crowd Pleaser

    in the Cabana
    One time when I was at Korat AFB in Thailand me and a couple buddies were doing a FOD inspection of the runway, actually it was just running the shit out of an old Dodge Powerwagon down the runway supposedly looking for foreign objects that could get sucked into a jet engine.

    When we got to the hammerhead on runway 34 there was a little shack that I had noticed when we were taking off or landing, so I drove over to it and we all hopped out to check it out. It was just a cinder block building, but there was some corrugated sheet metal nailed to a wooden frame, so I went over to see what was under it, when I picked it up, a huge ****ing King Cobra rose up with the lid, I know he wasn't that tall but I swore he looked me in the eyes. He hissed and showed me his hood swear it was a foot wide, that isn't exaggerating, I slammed the cover down and ran like a little school girl:lachen::lachen::lachen::lachen::lachen:

    My buddies yelled at me to come back to the truck, I told them to drive it over to me I wasn't getting near that big ****er :lachen::lachen::lachen::lachen:
  4. Jim54

    Jim54 New Member

    Addison, Tx.
    Holy sh*t! You lucked out!
  5. R/HVAC

    R/HVAC selfemployed

    W-S , NC
    snake included in the I&O papers I pulled out of a unit.

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  6. Ballvalve79

    Ballvalve79 It's only fire what could go wrong

    Northwest PA
    I would have tossed them as far as possible and told the customer you're gonna be waiting awhile for parts. f**k snakes.
  7. truecountry

    truecountry gosh damn mrs sg is mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm and sum

    moonshine country
    damn that coral snake ....well we have a bunch copperheads and a few rattle snakes that wash down from floods not many,..... non- venomous we have black snakes will kill and eat copper heads and breeding season they will rise up like a cobra and chase you but are pretty much harmless ,garter snakes haven't seen one in 10 or more years but they are here ,green snakes and water moccasins a few other mixed breed brown snakes