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Trane chiller

Discussion in 'Commercial' started by Ballvalve79, Apr 27, 2017.

  1. Tap

    Tap i hate it when a velociraptor throws poop at me

    Poor sears

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  2. pintofstout

    pintofstout New Member

    Olean, NY
    I'm from the same area and i use that same dealer....and have been told we had a similar experience.

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  3. LulaNord

    LulaNord New Member

    Hello...i just want to be the part of your conversation as i am a new user here. As per my knowledge if the sensors are connected with the ribbon wiring, you will need to bind them to the controller. For that you will need a laptop and software and an RS232 cable to connect from the laptop serial port to the control. At least that's the way I do it. You'll also need the secret Trane magnetic screwdriver with the reversed polarity magnet tip.