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Trying to connect with he business owners

Discussion in 'Residential' started by Valleycoastjoshua, Jun 3, 2017.

  1. Valleycoastjoshua

    Valleycoastjoshua New Member

    I joined for some trade info but also to meet the business owners. Any body want to connect, I'm a new business owner for hvac since Jan 2016 in la. I have worked for my self the whole time self employed. In the past years I have been a sub and since 2010 I have ran my own show. In 2013 in Nc I started a company for hvac as well but since I've been in la and growing my business I have been taking things more serious then ever. There are a lot of compliance issues for doing business in ca and a lot of out of compliance contractors. A lot of people are turned off by the regulations but I really
    Believe in what I'm doing and feel that I will be aiming to become the most legit as possible and will be able to use it to my advantage in time instead of being a fly by night guy out here. La needs it.