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Who's the dumb ass

Discussion in 'Commercial' started by Texas-Tech, Jun 8, 2017.

  1. mike1020

    mike1020 entitled millennial

    on the roof of target
    Building Engineers will nurse everything along. Then when shit hits the fan they will call a contractor and want to do the bare minimum to just get it running again.
  2. Ballvalve79

    Ballvalve79 It's only fire what could go wrong

    Northwest PA
    Our outfit just stopped doing work at a place e for that exact reason. The turbine head owner only wanted the bare a** minimum to get it operational and had no clue why we were worried about his steam boilers and didn't know why nobody likes working on all his 1975 vintage Nesbitt units. The only nice piece of equipment he had was a 10 year old mcquay chiller (he didn't pay for ). Duck that hotel work.
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  3. otto

    otto Bakery Chef

    in a van down by the river
    Yes, those motor brackets in the Carriers suck. And the hair-brained jacking screw plate is just about the pinnacle of stupidity.
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